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BehindTheSTEAHM is dedicated to programming that will help educate communities on misconceptions surrounding STEAHM fields. Below our all of our past events since our founding in 2020. If you or your organization is interested in collaborating with us feel free to contact us!


Seaspiracy Discussion

BehindTheSTEAHM's De'Marcus Robinson, led a panel discussion based on the topics investigated in Netflix's new documentary, Seaspiracy. This 2021 documentary film focused on the environmental impact of fishing directed by and starring Ali Tabrizi. The film has garnered immediate attention in several countries and mixed reviews. Everyone can agree that there is much work to be done to protect our oceans and marine life. This diverse and intellectual panel discussed their perceptions on the issues with ocean and marine life conservation and how we can collaboratively work to tackle these problems.


Women's History Month Interviews

To celebrate Women's History Month. BehindTheSTEAHM interviewed the women in BehindTheSTEAHM. Interviews are still available to see on BehindTheSTEAHM's youtube channel.



Our team decided to launch a series to clear the misconceptions concerning unique professions. Our interview series began with an interview with Camille Gaynus. This interview discussed the misconceptions of her field and her experience as a  researcher. Our next episode featured Eiress Wicks. We discussed her journey to become a music therapist and interesting facts about the fusion of arts and science.


"Let's Talk" Webinar Series

Our inaugural interactive webinar was focused on demystifying our misconceptions about the world around  STEAHM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Humanities, and Mathematics) by interacting with panelists who's expertise ranges from climate science, to medicine, to activism and more. Over 100 people had the opportunity to engage with each other, ask questions about the fields around them, create solutions for their community, and increase collaboration. 

7/13/2020 "You and Your Environment" Environmental Justice and Human Health 5:00pm (PST)

Moderator: Venezia Ramirez


This interactive webinar focused on Environmental Justice issues which is a response to human health and racial disparities in Los Angeles County in relation to COVID-19. This webinar focused on first breaking down what Environmental Justice is, examining environmental problems around your neighbor, and then finally constructing how we can address these environmental problems in your community.

7/14/2020 "Misconceptions" Science, Policy, Medicine 5:00pm (PST)

Moderator: De’Marcus Robinson

This interactive webinar focused on common misconceptions in science, policy and medicine along with perceived misconceptions of the public from experts as it relates to science, policy and medicine.

7/15/2020 "We are the Solution" Community Engagement with Science & Policy 5:00pm (PST)

Moderator: Tiara Wicks

This interactive webinar focuses on breaking down the barriers that prevent understanding and communication between the community members, scientists and policy makers to facilitate solutions that benefit each other. 

7/16/2020 "Conversation about Green Spaces in Los Angeles" 5:00 pm (PST)

Moderator: DJ Yousavich

This interactive webinar focused on a conversation about what green space means to the residents of Los Angeles and how to get the public involved and engaged in the process of restoration.



"As a woman of color in the science field (not a scientist) I can't tell you how refreshing it is to see your panelists and the array of colors, backgrounds, fields and experiences. Thank you. I'm excited to attend more of your events. Great content, I gained a lot of good information and I really like the format."

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